Financial Innovation Challenge 2018

Objectives and Targets

  • To invite innovative tech-driven solutions to enhance youths’ financial capability
  • To review the role of bank in it and provide insights after thorough investigation
  • To equip participants with fundamental understanding and knowledge of latest financial development

    Theme and Topic

    Enhance youths’ financial capability through a tech-driven solution.

    According to research, limited resources have been invested in building youths’ financial capability. This could have led to financial challenges of both their personal life and economy sustainability. Together with the trend of digitalisation, many now turn to online platforms, e.g. Youtube, mobile applications to seek advice for financial planning instead of physical banks.

    Please review the role of Hong Kong’s banks in it and develop a service or product with the use of technology, e.g. mobile application, platform that serves at least Hong Kong users to enhance their financial capability.

      Team Composition

      • Each team shall consist of 2-5 students, one of which should be the team leader
      • All participants should be current Year 1-5 undergraduate students of local universities
      • Each team to have at least 1 participant of HSBC Financial Dialogue Series

        Challenge Format

        The competition consists of 3 Steps:

        1. Proposal Screening: Submit a maximum 10-slide presentation covering the following points:
          • Composition of the team specifying members’ relevant experience or academic background
          • Problem Identified and Existing known solutions
          • Proposed technical solutions
          • Business Model
        2. After Initial Screening: Submit a video in less than 3 minutes to present your team idea and presentation slides

        3. Final Presentation with Q&A session with judges

          Judging Criteria

          1. Understanding of Subject Matter
          2. Market Analysis
          3. Creativity
          4. Feasibility & Sustainability
          5. Presentation Skills

              Awards and Prizes

              • Best Presenter Awards
              • A maximum of 3 best individuals who demonstrate outstanding presentation and analytical skills throughout the Final Round will receive this award
              • Cash Prize
              • Cash prizes of $30,000, $20,000 and $10,000 together with certificates will be awarded to the first, second and third prize winning teams respectively

                Competition Schedule

                Application Period

                1 May 2018 (Tue) - 3 Jun 2018 (Sun)

                Induction to Challenge

                9 Jun 2018 (Sat)

                Skill Labs*

                Late June - Mid July

                Proposal Submission Period

                26 Jun - 22 Jul 2018

                Screening Result Announcement

                27 Jul 2018 (Fri)

                Video and Presentation Slides Submission

                5 Aug 2018 (Sun)

                Final Round Proposal Pitching & Prize Presentation

                18 Aug 2018 (Sat)

                *Application will be open in late May. If you would like to obtain better understanding of the Challenge topic and prepare yourself for the Challenge, please reserve your time accordingly.


                    Application Deadline:
                    3 June 2018 (Sun)
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